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2012 NIOSA Poster

The poster features a festive scene on the steps of the Little church of La Villita, including mariachis, folkloric dancers on either side and people enjoying Niosa. In the foreground, you can see revelers enjoying the performance, cameras poised. My arm can be seen among them in the lower right with my initials on my camera/phone. I wanted to limit my palette of colors, using black to hold the work together, somewhat like a WPA poster. The entire piece was cut with hammer and chisel from sheets of red and black paper, stacked together with my sketch on top. Then I began cutting away some of the black to reveal the red layer underneath. The tedious and challenging layering and gluing of tiny bits of cut paper followed. I used graduated colored paper in the background to add a sunset glow and a 3D effect. The border is sort of “Mexican tile meets traditional papel picado. To order, visit NIOSA web site or call 210-226-5188.

NIOSA Poster 2012 - San Antonio Conservation Society

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