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Papel Picado Portraits - People

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For a truly original gift for yourself or someone you love, order a customized cut paper portrait. Not only are these perfect for your own walls, but make great party pieces as custom invitations and luminaria centerpieces. Trenchard has been perfecting the portraiture technique for several years, and she thrives on new subjects to portray. She can work from photographs and preserve your memories as a work of art. (Children, parents, pets, working people - you name it.)


Kelli Philips Portrait

Kelli Philips

Ladies on Display

Born in the USA, paper cut of twins

This is a 3/5' cut paper wall hanging, created for the recent "LUMINARIA" event in San Antonio. It depicts the famous street musician, Bongo Joe (George Coleman) in downtown San Antonio. For years, he performed there with his signature drumming, singing and whistling. The Hemisfair tower and fire works can be seen behind him.

This banner was commissioned for a funeral for a woman who loved her pets dearly.

Barrack Obama
Barrack Obama in Papel Picado. One in a series art of Barrack Obama art pieces.

Dim Sum

Portrait of a Truck Driver

Brother and Sister, Wiley and Felice

Kennedy Brothers, Hays and Jack

Christine and Kathy's double birthday banners

Creative Portaiture, custom luminaria for birthday celebration

Working Madonna (portrait of the designer of this web site)
cut paper

Southside Boot Maker

Calavera Self Portrait - Kathleen Trenchard dancing with La Catrina

. . .Kathleen Trenchard's papel picado works are both strong graphically strong and tender, celebrating in an almost photojournalistic way the details of beauty salons, bootmakers, dim sum, and driving a pickup, and evince both deep respect and whimsy without being kitschy or sentimental.

San Antonio Current

Another Satisfied Customer

"Everyone was very excited to see dad portrayed in your work. We recognized him immediately; it's a great image of him working. Whenever I think of my dad at the shop that is exactly what he looks like."

Thanks again,

"I just came across your website.  BEAUTIFUL!
The working madonna... wonderful.

Just had to comment to you.  Your work is so inspiring!
You are magic!"

Kind Regards,


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